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SMP Apprenticeship

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SMP Training In Vancouver

If you aspire to become a true SMP artist, the path lies through apprenticeship training. Join me for a 30-day Scalp Micropigmentation Training/SMP Training Apprenticeship in Vancouver, where you will accompany me to all my SMP appointments. Throughout this immersive experience, you will witness the transformation of clients with diverse characteristics: different ethnicities, skin types, hair transplant scars, and corrections of botched SMP procedures. From session 1 to session 2 and beyond, you will observe the entire process, including blending techniques and achieving optimal outcomes. While the majority of my clients (90%) complete their SMP journey in just two sessions using my special techniques, you will also have the opportunity to observe session 3 if necessary.

Over the course of 30 days, you will gain invaluable knowledge that would otherwise take years to develop. Please note that you will not work on my clients’ scalps, as I solely handle their treatments. However, I will assist you in finding free clients for skill development, providing practice on synthetic skin. Beginners will initially focus on female scalps, as any mistakes can be concealed by their existing hair. Once you have mastered the art of healing on women’s scalps, you can progress to working with male clients.

During the apprenticeship, you will learn my most advanced technique: the stubble stroke SMP technique. Unlike many SMP companies that employ dotting methods, my approach mimics the appearance of realistic hair stubble. When examining the work of other companies, you may notice the use of filters, blurred videos, or strategically taken photos that hide unnatural results. In contrast, I capture raw, unfiltered images with a regular cellphone camera, using flash and approaching the scalp closely to showcase the true representation of SMP. Honesty and authenticity are paramount in delivering natural, healed results.

To view my latest work and witness the stubble stroke SMP technique, visit Instagram. This platform showcases my genuine, unaltered SMP work without filters, photoshop, or special lighting effects. Transparency and genuine outcomes are the foundation of our commitment to clients.

The price for the apprenticeship training is $8,500.00, providing you with a comprehensive and invaluable learning experience.

Advanced SMP training for people who are already SMP Artists.

 If you are an SMP artist seeking to elevate your skills and master the advanced Stubble Stroke SMP Technique, I offer personalized in-person training sessions. For $1500, you will have the opportunity to observe and learn the technique during a single session. If the client is your own, you can actively work on them while I guide you through the process. However, if it is my client, you will be able to watch and learn from my demonstration.

If you are already in the permanent makeup industry and wish to expand your expertise by incorporating SMP, I offer a comprehensive training program. For $3500, you will accompany me throughout the entire SMP process for one client, including session 1, session 2, and session 3 if required. During this experience, I will share my extensive knowledge, including custom machine settings, tips, and tricks that I have acquired over the years of mastering SMP.

In addition, every individual who receives training from me, whether through apprenticeship or advanced sessions, will gain access to my exclusive private training WhatsApp group. This platform will foster a supportive community where we can assist and learn from one another like a family. I am committed to your success and will ensure that you never feel stranded in challenging situations. If you ever find yourself facing difficulties and unsure of what to do, I will personally step in and work on your client at the regular session price. This way, you can observe my techniques live and learn where you may have encountered obstacles, allowing you to understand and rectify any issues.

To explore my latest work and view informative videos, please visit my Instagram page. This platform showcases both the successful corrections of botched jobs and the Stubble Stroke SMP Technique, providing valuable insights into the quality of my work and the results I achieve.

Discover the world of scalp micropigmentation. Explore the procedure, view stunning before and after photos, meet our skilled team, and schedule a consultation. Your journey to a transformed appearance starts here.

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