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Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) and Its Benefits

Introducing Kevin, your trusted scalp micropigmentation (SMP) expert offering the most affordable prices in the comfort of your own home. With no clinic fees, rent, or additional staff, Kevin passes on the savings directly to you, ensuring you receive the best prices for your SMP journey. Having honed his craft since 2016, Kevin’s passion for what he does drives him to offer competitive rates while delivering exceptional results. Experience the convenience of pay-per-session, where you only pay for the scheduled session, allowing flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Trust Kevin for professional SMP services that won’t break the bank.
Quick example for anyone that might be confused. Say a client requires a hairline design, top of scalp pigmenting and the crown/back of scalp pigmented. If we book you in for session one, you only pay (The Quoted Session price) on the day of your session. Once your ready for session 2. Which can be anytime 7-10 days after your first session (Depending on how fast you heal). Is when we would re-book you in and then you would pay the (second session quoted price) on the day of your second session. If the client needed a third session touch up. We would book them in, and they would pay (quoted Third session price) on the day of that session.

Our SMP Services

Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation Bald icon

Bald Spot Pigmentation Covering

Scalp micropigmentation is a very fancy term for a hair tattoo. It places pigment in the dermal layer of the skin, leaving the scalp.

Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation Hair density

Hair Density Correction

The maximum density ethically possible with hair transplant surgery is around 50 – 60 grafts per square centimeter. We Try to replicate this with SMP and really dense up your scalp.

Full beard Vancouver Scalp Micropigmentation

Full Beard Micro Pigmentation

Kevin will design a full beard and pigment a stubble beard for you, fill in a existing beard to be fuller, or pigment a design of your choosing.


Full Hairline Design

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation can bring back a youthful appearance by re-balancing your upper third to the ideal proportions to match your middle facial third and lower facial third.



All our quotes are tailored to your unique needs. Book a consultation for us to discuss further

Unsatisfactory SMP Elsewhere? We Can Fix It!

If you’ve had a less-than-ideal SMP experience elsewhere, turn to us. We specialize in correcting and enhancing previous SMP results. Pricing is session-based, considering the work required. For a precise estimate, send us photos of your previous SMP. If you aim to camouflage a hair transplant scar (FUT or FUE), we’ll provide a custom quote based on the scar size. Trust Kevin to rectify any issues and rejuvenate your SMP experience.

Discover the world of scalp micropigmentation. Explore the procedure, view stunning before and after photos, meet our skilled team, and schedule a consultation. Your journey to a transformed appearance starts here.

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