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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This is a permanent procedure like a tattoo, sometimes called a hair tattoo. But it is a different technique using different micropigmentation needles.

Yes and no. While Scalp Micropigmentation is permanent and similar to a tattoo, it is a different technique that utilizes different needles and specialized pigments. The result mimics a closely shaved head of hair. Traditional tattoos may discolor, but this is highly dependent on the type of pigments used, and the depth of the pigment implanted into the scalp.
Yes. Most clients want a soft and natural fading frontal hairline, while others prefer a more distinct and “edged-up” look. I advise and work with clients individually to obtain the look they want.
Immediately after Scalp Micropigmentation, your scalp will look slightly pink. The redness disappears in 24-48 hours. (you can wear a mesh breathable hat if you wish to).
No. Scalp micro pigmentation is unique in its application as I only use specialized instruments, needles, and pigments developed specifically for SMP. A tattooist may be an expert at what they do, but a successful SMP application should be virtually undetectable. Be very careful about who performs your SMP procedure. If the perfect needle and pigments are not used, the results can be large blue dots on the scalp.
Yes. I use sterile one-time-use only pre-packaged needles. I am a licensed technician and have my blood Bourne pathogens license.
The discomfort you will feel is less significant than what you might experience having a tattoo. The needle penetration of a Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is less invasive. Opinions of those who have undergone both procedures report that the SMP procedure is more mild than getting a tattoo. I have never had a client unable to handle the slight sensitivity. Non-blood thinning painkillers can be taken before the SMP procedure if desired.
Depending on your balding pattern this may be possible. A consultation between a licensed SMP technician and a prospective client before undergoing Scalp Micro-pigmentation will be very valuable in deciding what kind of hair loss you have, if it has stabilized, and the different options / SMP techniques which will be applied to your type of hair loss. Generally, if you would like to grow your hair out, then SMP will be performed to accommodate for the growth of hair. Send over a few photos of your hair-loss for a quick free assessment. or Text / Whatsapp them to 604-800-6003. (Whatsapp is a cellular app to send photos and videos).
Yes. With the artistry and technique I use, you cannot tell that someone has had Scalp Micropigmentation even up close. SMP gives you the look of a permanent 5 o’clock shadow.
SMP is used to decrease the contrast between your scalp color and hair color, giving an illusion of fullness. Adding thousands of hair stubble replications will make your scalp dense and full.

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