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Kevin Harper

Scalp Micropigmentation Expert Artist, Trainer, and Mentor.

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Kevin Harper, a Vancouver BC native with a lifelong aspiration to become a hair transplant expert. Throughout my journey, I immersed myself in research and study, exploring the field of hair restoration and staying updated on emerging trends. That’s when I discovered the remarkable art of SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation), a procedure that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Witnessing the incredible real-life results achieved by industry professionals and SMP artists left me amazed and inspired. Without hesitation, I embarked on a training journey, seeking guidance from industry leaders and even learning from one of the pioneers of SMP in Los Angeles. While I respectfully declined an offer to intern with the esteemed Dr. Hasson and Wong in Vancouver BC, I hold them in high regard. Now, equipped with extensive training and support from the best in the industry, I am committed to providing outstanding SMP results without the hefty price tag.

My goal is to make these transformative results accessible to more people, ensuring that they experience the confidence and satisfaction that comes with a well-executed SMP procedure. The hair restoration industry is plagued by exorbitant prices, misleading marketing tactics, and numerous scams. However, I am committed to offering a different approach. By keeping my overhead costs low, I can pass on the savings directly to my clients. On average, this means affordable pricing per session for exceptional SMP results. Unlike other companies, I personally perform all procedures, ensuring my clients receive my full and undivided attention. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home (if there’s a suitable room available) or finding a convenient space in your area, I adapt to your needs. Unlike companies that rely on trainees, I believe in delivering consistent and top-quality results by performing every step of the SMP procedure myself.

This eliminates the risk of mixed results from different SMP design patterns, ensuring you receive a seamless and satisfying outcome. It is unfortunate that many clinics and inexperienced practitioners rush through SMP procedures, prioritizing quantity over quality. By tattooing pigment hastily, they aim to serve multiple clients in a day, resulting in subpar outcomes and the need for touch-up sessions to correct mistakes. This practice is unprofessional and does not align with my approach. As an artist who has dedicated hundreds of hours to practice and thousands of hours to serving clients, I have established a reputation for excellence in this field. To maintain the highest standards, I limit myself to performing no more than one SMP procedure every other day. This ensures that I can dedicate ample time and attention to each client, delivering the best possible results without overworking myself. Quality and client satisfaction are my top priorities.


Committed to Our Clients

My utmost priority is to provide you with a high-quality SMP procedure that delivers natural and undetectable results. I specialize in creating natural feathered hairlines, with a strong emphasis on designing a hairline that complements your unique facial anatomy. By using golden facial ratios and considering your facial shape, I ensure that your hairline achieves an attractive and balanced facial proportion. Aging and receding hairlines can impact the upper facial third, leading to signs of aging and the perception of a larger forehead. Taking into account factors such as your age, ethnicity, and personal style, I can design a hairline that enhances your overall appearance. To facilitate the process, I encourage all my clients to purchase an oil pencil from Shoppers Drug Mart, allowing you to experiment with different hairline styles and preferences. Additionally, I welcome you to share photos of hairlines you admire, enabling us to align our vision and allowing me to provide expert suggestions tailored to your desired outcome. Your satisfaction and confidence are my top priorities.

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