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It is common to observe redness in the areas that have been pigmented in some of the post-procedure photos. This redness is a normal temporary response immediately after the SMP procedure. However, rest assured that the slight redness typically subsides within 3 days, revealing a beautifully color-matched pigment that seamlessly blends with your natural hair color and skin tone.

To address the issue of stolen before and after photos, we have decided not to post them anymore. However, we understand the importance of visual references in assessing SMP results. That’s why we encourage you to meet with us in person, where we can showcase more examples of our work and provide personalized videos that document the SMP process session by session.

(Update) Due to popular demand for videos, we have created an Instagram page dedicated to sharing recent videos of the SMP process. Follow us on Instagram to gain insights into the procedure and stay informed about the pigments used in each session. Make sure to read the video captions for detailed information.

(Update as of Jan 1 2024) With over 950+ satisfied clients and years of experience encompassing thousands of sessions, Kevin has established himself as a trusted SMP practitioner. The majority of Kevin’s clients achieve their desired results in just two sessions. To ensure the utmost privacy and protect our clients’ images from theft, we have discontinued posting photos online. Instead, we now offer private in-person consultations where we can share personalized visuals of past work.

(Update) Kevin now shares his recent SMP work on Instagram to provide a glimpse of his expertise. Follow him on Instagram to view his latest creations, which are safeguarded against theft. To receive a price quote and personalized suggestions, please send photos of your scalp. Rest assured, only Kevin will handle your scalp, guaranteeing exceptional results and maintaining the highest quality of work.

Kevin understands the importance of customization and uses different needles and sizes tailored to each client’s unique skin type and ethnicity. Whether it’s single needles, triple needles, or 5-needle tips for density, Kevin can create a soft, tiny hair stubble or a more prominent beard or African hair stubble. Asians typically prefer ultra-fine needles, while Africans may opt for larger beard stubble needles. Every SMP experience is fully customizable to ensure your satisfaction.

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